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Traditional Fudges with a loopy twist
Loopy Lisa's fudges are all handmade; our methods are based on a Women's Institute recipe producing a fudge that regularly gets the comment 'that's just like my Grannie used to make'. We make our fudges in much the same way as many Grannies do; we just make lots more of it! So you see, it really is the genuine article - no machines!!!

Loopy Lisa's extensive menu of handmade fudges is available in 100g packets from a range of independent retailers, direct from Lisa at shows and here on the shopping page. We also have a select range of 454g gift boxes - including our Winter Warmer Selection as well as single flavour presentations. If it's not here on the site, then give us a call and ask - because we make and pack all the fudge by hand, we can accommodate most requests!


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